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Water for Togo!

Have you ever been so thirsty that you have traveled miles to get water? Hundreds of men, women, and children are doing that every day in Togo. Because of your generosity, you have changed that for many in the area of Assiama!

In this specific village, Assiama, families wait for rain to quench their thirst and wash their children. The cost for a well in this area is $4,000. Together, we raised the funds to provide a clean water well that now serves over 500 people! Each person that drinks from this well, will be healthier and live longer because of clean, safe water! You have made a difference!

Thank you!

A Clean "Drop In The Bucket" For Burundi!

Because of your generosity, we were able to raise $5,500 for this village in Burundi to receive safe drinking water. Your “Drop in the Bucket” has made an impact for 1000-1400 people that will use this well!

To the left, the new well showers the ground with water clean enough to serve children, wash clothes, and cook.

Thank you for your heart. Thank you for giving clean water.

Myanmar Celebrates Clean Water!

A letter from Myanmar:

"I am happy to send pictures, a report, and a letter of thanks to you. I hope you can imagine how the people of New Hnahthial village are happy upon you and your ministry.

We the Myanmar people get many blessings through your ministry.

Thank you so much for all of our doing for us.


Pa Kep"

(Chin State)

**Look at our FINISHED PROJECTS pages and click MYANMAR to view new pictures of our most recent wells!**

Rwanda Village Has Clean Water!

"Shalom !

We send to you a report and picture files for the Clear Blue Water well you have funded for our community and we praise our Lord for all support you did for our community.

Also we have other 3 villages in our district in need."

-Benjamin SIBO-MUZI

(District 4 East Rwanda)

**Please see new Rwanda photos under the "Finished Projects tab. **

The water's running at Kibuye Hope Hospital

Saturday, March 29th was a great day at Kibuye Hope Hospital. That was the day the final connections were made and water began to flow from the well to the storage tank. A new day had come for the hospital and the entire community.

Here’s how Dr. Jason Fader described it:

“Regarding the well, Saturday was a wonderful day. RUBUCO, Gaspard, Japhet, and a host of others were here starting at 6 in the morning to do a blitz on the water project. We exchanged the 2.2 kW pump for a 5.5 kW pump. Then we replaced the galvanized pipe that goes from the well head to the pump house. We then went up the hill to uncover the end of the pipe that was laid last month. We ran the pump and discovered that the fuse was not big enough to run the pump very long before heating up. Nevertheless, we were able to attach the pipe to the existing tank and test the pump for a couple minutes. Sure enough, lots of water. RUBUCO came back yesterday and replaced the fuse and fixed one leaking pipe. Then we filled the tank last night and it took only 90 minutes, which means that we are pumping at about 3 liters per second! Now we can actually wash our hands at the hospital (and I don’t have to take bucket baths anymore!). This will raise the level of care offered at the hospital tremendously.”

Up until this time, water had been supplied to the storage tank by gravity feed from springs about 3 kilometers away. This provided, on avearage, only about 40,000 liters per day for 15 community taps, the hospital and the staff that live on the hospital campus. This was never enough and resulted in severe shortages, even outages, every day. The well is about 140 feet deep and is capable of producing 192,000 liters per day, enough to meet the needs of the hospital campus and the surrounding community for many years.

Many people and organizations have contributed to this development. The well was drilled in June 2012 by the well drilliner, RUBUCO, as a result of a $22,000 gift by the Clear Blue Water Project.


Another incredible life-changing story - this time from our friend Niyonsenga in Burundi where ClearBlue recently had a well dug thanks to your generous donations:

"Sincere thanks from our community in District of Mugamba for all partners of Clear Blue Water Project. The community is enjoying and the kids are so happy to have clean water. We are still in need for clean water in places where many walk hours to get it."

Please click on "Burundi" under finished projects for more pictures of this most recent well.


We did it! Thank you for making a Christmas difference! We raised $47,300 for Indian wells. This will make a life-changing change for 30 villages this year.


The Dayanand Hostel in India has had an urgent need for water! This hostel cares for International Child Care children. Because of the urbanization and new construction work in the area, the water table has gone down. The hostel has been having to purchase water on a daily basis. Clear Blue just provided the funds for a new, deep well for them for $3100. Thank you for your gifts that make this holiday gift possible!

A "Thank you" from Burundi.

“We are honored to thank Clear Blue Global Water Project to have participated in such noble efforts to help our village Located in MUGAMBA DISTRICH, VILLAGE TORA, to provide clear water and hope to our people in Burundi.

Clear Blue has changed lives thinking of all the bacteria and other things in our old water. The new well drilled by Clear Blue Global Project serves 100-120 families in this Village.

We thank God for giving Clear Blue Water Project the wonderful passion and heart to help this village with a new well.

We appreciated your love and we will keep praying for you all.

God bless you.

Yours in service


A "Thank you" from Rwanda.

“Shalom !

We send to you a report for the harvest for the Clear Blue Water Project in Gatsibo District Eastern Province of Rwanda 2013 May.

We thank God for your support to the vulnerable poorest village. Thank you for the clear water that we can see.

All testimonies for the local leaders, women and children vulnerable for the glory of God to receive clear water. This village has more than 3000 members .

Hope for your care and blessings,

Rev. Benjamin SIBO-MUZI”


We have drilled two wells ( The Samburu Project) in Kenya under the leadership of Free Methodist missionary Vicki Reynen. The Wamba area, where the wells are, is a semi arid land, the communities did not have access to safe drinking water. The women and children spent most of their valuable time looking for water. The water they got after nearly spending the whole day was often unclean and dirty. Consuming contaminated water poses major health issues, life and death. They are beyond thankful for clean water.


Myanmar, the former Burma, is one of the most ethnically diverse nations in Southeast Asia. There are about 5.5 million people living there, and Clear Blue supplied water to thousands. We completed significant water projects to three villages in Chin State at Christmas, 2011. They call them the Christmas wells.

A New ICCM School!

We need two more boreholes in Nigeria this February. Two Fulani elders that live out in the bush have large tracts of land but no clean water. It is a prayer of the elders that they can establish a new ICCM school for the children to go to! They also want to do rotational grazing! $9,000 is the need. This money will cover all of the costs for the two borholes and a new solar system!

"I seem to be asking so much, but, these wells are life changing in Nigeria. Your service to the Lord and His people is being recorded in Heaven."

- Phyllis Sorter, Missionary in Nigeria

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